Abin Bandyopadhyay, MD
Margaret Bazarnic, MD
Joseph Burke, MD
Gregory M. Chandler, MD
Young J. Chong, MD
Jeffrey R. Coralnick, MD
Lucas M. DeJohn, DO
Cole Denton, MD
Edward Fallon, MD
Michael P. Feightner, MD
Tong Ge, MD
Michael Gent, MD
Richard Gregor, MD
Irfanullah Haider, MD
Thomas Helinek, MD PhD
Jafar Hussain, MD
Michael Karchevsky, MD
Elaine Lewis, MD
Douglas J. Martin, MD
John (Jack) K. Moran, MD
Daniel O'Shea, MD
Paul S. Potok, DO
Michael A. Romeo, DO
Michael Sachenik, MD
Wei Shaw, DO
James F. Snay, MD
Joshua G. Tice, MD
Clinical Staff:
Devon Noroski, RT (R), RRA
Tina Horbach, RT (R), RRA
Administrative Staff
Sharon Brunner, RT
Melissa M. DeBock


Melissa M. DeBock

High School:
Cocalico High School, Denver, Pa; Academic focus: Business Administration.

Seminars Attended:
The Exceptional Assistant, How to Design Eye-Catching Brochures, Newsletters, Ads and Reports.

Specialties and Expertise:
Liaison for business and clinical operations; oversees all office and personnel procedures; financial responsibilities for accounts, expenses and related reports; responsible for credentialing physician and clinical personnel; coordinates and conducts compliance and auditing initiatives.

With more than 13 years experience dealing effectively with the public, Missy DeBock has been the Administrative Coordinator for West Reading Radiology Associates since March 2003.